“Advancement” – The adult Leaders of Troop 84 realize the importance of advancement through the ranks of Scouting, yet we do not plan our program around the desire to propel Scouts from one level to the next. We believe a Star, Life, and Eagle Scout is a cultivation of maturity and self discipline, a desired nature not injected into a boy with tests or skill requirements, but rather a continuous growth process in his Scout Spirit from the first day he becomes a Scout. Troop 84 Scouts are encouraged to advance naturally be participating in Troop and Patrol activities. They are encouraged to develop a self-discipline program of advancement by completing advancement requirements and earning the various BSA merit badges. We believe that young people participating in cooperative and leadership roles along with a quality outdoor program of hiking and camping will find advancement a natural result of the Scouting program.

Testing of Scouts should be conducted without the presence of other untested Scouts as this would give an unfair advantage to Scouts who may be helping or watching. Use Scouts of higher rank or adults if help is required. Scouts should not be tested at the time they learn or participate in an activity. Allow at least a week of lapse between the testing and the activity. This will facilitate the learning process not merely having them regurgitating information. The use of handbooks by the Scouts during the testing is not allowed. They must know the material on which they are being tested. If there is any doubt as to their knowledge of the subject, have them reread the information and test them the following week.

Advancement requirements may only be signed by:
1. The BSA trained Scoutmaster, or
2. A BSA trained Assistant Scoutmaster, or
3. A BSA trained Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, or
4. A parent only if prior approval is obtained from the Scoutmaster for that single requirement, or
5. The Scoutmaster’s designee for that requirement.
6. A First Class Scout or higher with approval of the Scoutmaster
NOTE: “Trained” adults refers to a Scoutmaster Fundamentals or higher level trained, BSA registered adult. “Assigned” adult refers to these same positions. It is requested by the Troop Committee to have the assistant scoutmaster be to be trained within 2 years of taking that position.

After an advancement has been signed off appropriately, the scout must schedule a conference with the Scoutmaster to confirm the advancement.
A Board of Review is required after each Scoutmaster Conference for each rank. Previous periodic Board of Reviews may not be used for advancement.
(Board of Reviews are conducted on the third Tuesday of each month or by appointment with the Board of Review Coordinator.) A signup sheet will be posted in the Scout barn bulletin.

Any questions dealing with advancement should be directed to:
The Advancement Chairman, The Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chairman
NOTE: Unlike Cub Scouts, parents of Scouts may not sign off their son’s requirements unless a special arrangement has been made with the Scoutmaster for that particular requirement, and only that one requirement. (This includes all Assistant Scoutmasters.)*
*Assistant Scoutmasters may not sign off more than three (3) requirements in each rank for their own sons.
It is extremely important that all Leaders’ initials be legible with the date in month/day/year format for all sign-off in Scout Handbooks.