Scout Meetings

meetingsWeekly Troop meetings are held at the Christ Hamilton Church Barn on Wednesday nights from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Patrol Leaders, the Assistant Patrol Leader and above, and adult Leaders are encouraged to arrive at 6:45  PM. Parents are always welcome to attend, especially on those nights when special speakers are brought in, or when we are touring a special facility. The Patrol Leader Council (PLC) will meet 6:30PM on a Wednesday once a month . If you are a member of the PLC, be sure the adult who is providing your transportation is aware of this additional time. At each meeting and campout, you will be expected to bring the following items:

I. Your own Scout Handbook.

2. Scout uniform.

3. Permission slips (required for every outing).

We cannot stress enough that you have your own Scout handbook and notebook, and that you bring it to every meeting! While we do not want to recreate a schooling atmosphere, much of the information provided must be written down for later use. We expect Scouts to accept responsibility for obtaining and disseminating this informational. In addition, while your Scout Handbook is a valuable source of information, it is also a record of your advancement. You must bring it with you to every meeting and campout and keep it in excellent condition.


Boy Scouts is a participatory organization. Scouts are expected to attend and participate in as many Scouting activities as possible. This includes both indoor and outdoor events, meetings, campouts, hikes, etc. The camping experience is one of the things, which sets Boy Scouts apart from other organizations. It is through the outdoor experiences that the Scouts learn and grow, as the program was intended. Without regular participation, the Scout is not gaining from the program. It would be unfair to the Scouts and to Scouting to push the Scouts through the Eagle rank without the skills expected of Scouts in this time-honored position.

After the rank of First Class, participation becomes a requirement for advancement in Star, Life, and Eagle. Up to the rank of First Class, participation reflects on Scout Spirit and may impact a Scout’s advancement.

Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class Ranks
Attend 75% of the weekly meetings. They should also remember that most of our activities involve camping, and they must attend ten activities to earn their 1st Class rank, which is expected to be earned in the first year with Troop 84.

Star, Life, and Eagle Ranks
Star candidates need to attend 75% of the troop meetings and 50% of our activities (based on 1 activity per month) within the previous 4 months of the Board of Review.
Life and Eagle candidates need to attend 75% of the troop meetings and 50% of the activities (based on 1 activity per month) within the previous 6 months of the Board of Review.
Scouts who participate in Order of the Arrow activities may include only one (1) of these extra activities in place of a troop activity.
Scout candidates who do not meet the attendance requirements will have their board of review date moved back until this requirement is satisfied.
Also ALL attendance Requirements must be met to qualify for advancement. (Candidates need to attend 75% of the troop meetings and 50% of the activities (based on 1 activity per month)
*A Scout candidate may present his special circumstances to the Scoutmaster for review! However they must be extraordinary and will be subject to Scoutmaster and Committee approval.