Costs & Fundraising


There are some costs associated with Scouting through the year. These include:

  • Annual re-chartering fee and dues. Re-chartering fees pay for your membership in the Scouting community. They are required for both Scouts and the adult leaders. The dues pay for Troop operating expenses, insurance, and a subscription to the Scouting magazine, Boys Life. These fees are due in September of each year.
  • Scouts not in good standing because of outstanding dues owed to the Troop will not be permitted to re-charter until all back dues for the previous year are paid.


NOTE: Scouts are not permitted to attend summer camp if they are not registered with B.S.A.     

  • Purchase of the Scout Uniform and Accessories
  • Activity fees are charged for scouting activities such as campouts and trips as they occur, generally collected in advance to cover costs, the individual Scouts account can be used for this.
  • Summer camp, one week each year during June or July.
  • An annual donation to “Friends of Scouting.” This donation is solicited by the Minsi Trails Council to help support the larger Scouting community. It is traditionally collected at the annual Court of Honor Dinner.


Camper ship requires 60% Scout fundraising participation!


Money earned by the Scouts for participation in fund raising activities are credited to an account for each boy and is primarily used for helping to offset summer camp expenses. These funds may also be used to pay dues or for normal monthly camping activities. Scout account money can be used for uniforms or equipment such as backpacks, boots, and sleeping bags. Please keep in mind that some of these purchases may require advanced approval by the Troop Committee for reimbursement. Once approval for purchase of uniform or equipment is obtained, the Troop will reimburse the Scout upon presentation of receipt for the item. Checks will not be drawn ahead of time, except when special arrangements have been made.



There are several fund raising activities throughout the year these are implemented with the Scout Account

In mind as well as to offset Troop Costs!

In some cases it is mandatory for each Scout to sell a minimum of Ten (10) Tickets!

Part of these proceeds will be applied to his Scout Account.

Depending on his participation!

All Troop fundraisers require 50% Scout & Parent or Guardian participation.

Scout account Fundraisers requires 60% Scout participation this can be used to offset Troop activity cost.