Merit Badges

Merit badges are an important part of your Scouting experience. They help you to learn new skills, or increase knowledge and awareness in a subject area. The subjects are intended to challenge you while being fun.

meritBadgesThere are currently approximately 138 merit badges available to Scouts, 16 of which are Eagle requirement badges. (The combination of merit badges required for Eagle is explained in your Handbook; not all 16 are required for that rank.) Any of the 138 merit badges may be taken at any tune while you are a registered Scout, but you should always check the requirements in the front of the merit badge books before jumping into choosing a merit badge. Some will be harder than others and may be required that you learn additional skills before attempting that merit badge. Some merit badges have prior requirements before applying, such as “Camping.” If in doubt, check with an adult leader.

1. Find a merit badge you would like to do from the list in your Handbook. If you have questions about a merit badge, contact one of the adult Leaders in the Troop.

2. After selecting a merit badge, find a Scouting friend to do the badge with you. (Always take merit badges with one or more fellow Scouts.)

3. Check with the Scoutmaster’s “Merit Badge Counselors List” for a counselor who offers the merit badge “Council wide” (which means he will work with any Scouts within the Minis Trails Council) or a counselor with “Troop 84 only”. If you are having a problem finding a counselor for that merit badge, check with one of the adult Leaders for assistance.

4. Read the merit badge book thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the subject. (The Troop has a library of merit badge books you may borrow. Ask the Troop Librarian.)

5. Obtain a signed merit badge card from the Scoutmaster or Advancement Coordinator.

6. Contact the merit badge counselor for an appointment to meet and discuss the requirements and/or instructions for that merit badge.

7. Meet with the merit badge counselor and start working on your merit badge.

8. When you have satisfactorily completed the merit badge, return the signed merit badge card to the Scoutmaster for his signature. It then can be given to the Advancement Chairperson.